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Bin There Dump That is your local Residential Friendly dumpster rental service. We have various sized dumpsters that will accommodate the waste disposal of all your home projects. Our Dumpster Consultants are available now to help you find a solution to your dumpster need. Pricing & Sizing

Doral Dumpster Rental Solutions Provided to Homeowners and Contractors Alike | Bin There Dump That Southeast Florida

From its early roots in the 1950s with a hotel and country club, Doral has experienced steady growth and is now home to more than 65,000 people and thousands of homeowners.

Bin There Dump That is proud to be able to provide these hard-working homeowners of Doral with a great Residential Friendly Dumpster experience.

An Honest and Open All-in Pricing System

There’s no escaping price when talking about a great dumpster rental experience. The best experience is one where all of the costs are known before the rental agreement is signed and that’s what you can expect when you rent a dumpster from Bin There Dump That in Doral.

For one all-in price you get your dumpster for 7 days, we deliver it and place it after deploying or Driveway protection system, we sweep when the job’s done and we take the full dumpster to the landfill for disposal.

A Variety of Dumpster Sizes for A Positive Rental Experience

We feel another important aspect of a positive dumpster rental experience is having access to the right size dumpster for your project. We have a variety of different sizes to choose from including a 4-yard dumpster, a 6-yard dumpster, a 10-yard dumpster, a 15-yard dumpster and our most popular 20-yard dumpster.

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If you’re not sure which size works for you, our Live Dumpster Consultant can help you figure that out when you call us at (954) 931-9975.

Rolling Along With Residential Friendly Dumpster Dimensions

Since we were on a roll with honest all-in pricing and a variety of available dumpster sizes, we decided to keep the momentum going by offering Residential Friendly Dumpsters.

Bin There Dump That bins are designed to fit in the same spot that the family minivan will. Commercial dumpsters can be more than 20 feet long, but even our largest 20-yard dumpster is only 11 feet long.

Our goal is to provide you with a great waste removal option, not to take up all the available space in your driveway.

What Size Dumpster Do I Need For Shingles?

If you have a large roof and you want to replace the shingles, you may think that the largest 20-yard dumpster would be the best option, but it’s not.

Because of their weight, you’re better off with a 10-yard dumpster when you’re renting a dumpster for shingles - this will ensure you don’t exceed the weight capacity of the truck that will remove it after the job’s done.

How Much Is A Dumpster Rental Near Me?

Dumpster rental prices are usually pretty consistent within a geographical area. In the Doral area, the price of a residential dumpster rental is typically between $275 and $550. It’s important to remember that rental companies will have weight limits in place though and exceeding them can increase your costs.

What Sizes Are Roll Off Dumpsters?

Roll-off dumpsters can vary quite a bit in size throughout Doral. Commercial dumpsters can be as large as 65-yards, but that’s much too large for the residential market. For homeowners, roll-off dumpsters will usually range in size between 4-yards and 20-yards.

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Local Guide to Doral, FL

Doral sits at the crossroads between the awesome Everglades National Park and amazing white sandy beaches. There’s no reason to limit yourself to just one though when you can explore both. For the Everglades, Everglades Holiday Park is a great starting point with some of the best tour guides around.

Doral Central Park

Without straying outside of Doral you can visit Doral Central Park for a day of family-friendly fun. There are large fields for walking the dog or letting the kids run around and burn off energy or you can take them to the playground area. There’s also a walking path and a great picnic area to enjoy a lunch with the family after a little exercise.

Dolphin Mall

There are many shopping options in and around Dorval - one of our favorites is the Dolphin Mall. This place has so many stores you won’t be able to visit them all in one day - at least not if you plan on spending time in each one. You’ll find many of the major national brands such as Gap and Old Navy plus some local gems as well. When it’s time for a bite to eat you can opt for fast-food staples such as Burger King or you can choose from some great restaurants such as Cabo Flats or Charcoal’s Latin Grill.

The Doral Yard

If you believe a dining experience should be about more than just the meal, then you’ll love The Doral Yard. This is a great night time destination, with some great live local music, dancing and fun with friends.

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